These are the starting prices of my services.

Each project is Tailor-made. So fil the info at the end of the page to get a personalized prize for you with no compromise. 

About the investment

For sure you are looking for different photographers to keep your memories on nice images. There is a wide range of styles, prices and way to work out there.
Let me be honest with you and give you some advice about how to dive on this sea of offers, portfolios and nice webpages. I am a professional photographer for more than 10 years and I can tell you about this.
The most important should be the pictures. If you are looking for a professional photographer is because you think that the images you will get are important. Think about if you like very possed and artistic poses of if you like more documentary style. Take a look at the portfolio of the photographers you like and try to see real weddings and sessions and not just the selection of the best pictures. The images will be the thing you will get and you will help you to revive the past moments, so take time to find the photographer that fits better with your style.

Of course, depending on your budget the cost of the photographer could be a key point. Professional photographers are not cheap. We need to get continuous education on photography, renew our expensive equipment and spend hundreds of dollars on computers and backup systems. The wedding day is just a small fraction of the time we need to dedicate to our customers. studying each case, spending time with our customers and editing thousands of files. Do not trust in very low quotations promising incredible packages. Professional photography is not a cheap service as the cost involved are not cheap too. Think that things like the banquet, flowers or dresses are important and nice things but with the years, the only thing that you will keep is the images of the day.

Last is the way to work. Maybe you think this is not a very important point and that the only thing you want is nice pictures done. That's right, but you will need to spend a lot of time with your photographer before, during and after the wedding or session. Match with your photographer and the way to make the things will be a very important factor. Personally, I take special care on this. A few years ago I limited the number of weddings per season to guarantee that I spend enough time and efforts in each customer.

Following on this page, you have the base price of my services. Take this as a "starting point". As each couple or family are different, I need to adjust everything for your needs and your personal situation. I decided to include in the webpage a guide of the investment. know the price range is important before go ahead and is a compromise of transparency. The prices could vary up or down a little bit but you have this information in advance.

Couple packages

  • Full Weddings


    Up to 15 hours to cover all the wedding day. from the getting ready to the end of the celebration.

  • Half day Wedding


    Same than Full wedding Package but for Weddings up to 6 hours long.

  • Elopement


    Small wedding at the registry? No need to cover the banquet or you elope to a romantic secret wedding in Hong Kong? We have a special package for this kind of situations up to 3 hours long.

  • Engagement


    Our signature session. Candid, natural and funny.

  • Pre-wedding


    Up to 8 hours of Pre-wedding pictures with your glamorous clothes and some fashion poses. Of course a lot of natural and funny pictures too!

  • Proposal


    This is an exciting one! Do you want to propose to your love and capture the moment I can tell you that is an unforgettable experience! 

  • Special Bundles

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    Do you want a package with a pre-wedding and Wedding? Do you need a video, make-up artist or any other extra? Do you want engagement in Bali and Wedding pictures in Chiang Mai? We can cover any crazy idea you have. Just let us know!

Family and other sessions

  • Family session


    Choose between two or three-hour funny session with all the family. Keep your memories forever!

  • Solo session


    Because not only couples want great pictures! From pictures for your graduation to Boudoir session. Just let me know your idea an I will make it happens! 

  • Head-shoots and portraits


    Do you need a better presence on Social networks? Some portraits for your professional profile? Make a very cost-effective session with us.

Some of the extras available

This is a small list of the extras we offer. Let us know if you need something that is not listed here.

  • Extra photographer
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  • Aerial shooting
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  • Extra hour of shooting
  • Slideshow of the pre-wedding / Engagement
  • Same day edit slideshow (Requiere 2nd photographer)
  • Extra expenses per day traveling (Overseas weddings)

Printing and other services

Enjoy our drinks at the cafe or take them away.

  • Pre-Wedding and Wedding albums
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  • Cavas and hard copies
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  • Design of printing of Thank you and Save the date cards
  • Photo-booth with printing service
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  • Wooden box with USB stick and hard copies
  • USB stick with all the pictures as backup

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