When your story is the most important

Welcome to Emilio Navas - Photography webpage. If you are here is because you are looking for a photographer that can documentary a special moment of your life. 

Let me show you my portfolio, my vision about photography and why I think I am the right photographer to tell your story in images.

Now is time to take a sit, put louder the volume and enjoy the video on full screen.

This a small compilation that I made at the end of the year with some of the best couples of 2018.

Big and small moments
captured on pictures

We offer a big range of services, mainly around the wedding celebration but not limited only to the Big Day.

We love to take pictures of families, anniversaries, parties and even solo sessions!

Candid, natural, unscripted...

    We are passionate photographers.
    Handmade for You.

    Overseas and Destination Weddings

    We don't just do it, we love to do it!

    From the very beginning, we were very lucky to meet couples over the world that wanted us to make their important pictures.

    Even our "headquarters" is in Hong Kong and we make most of our services here, we have a wide experience of travelling to very different places when our customers request. Is impossible to attend all the overseas requests as we need to fulfil our local agenda, we try to keep always some space for these amazing events.  

    We know that move a team of photographers to far away locations have additional costs so as we love to travel and capture incredible stories everywhere we offer very tight quotations for the destination weddings.

    Not always local photographers will fit with your style, your budget. Hong Kong is a great place to get very cheap flights not only for Asia but other many destinations.

    Tell us how you are planning your Big Day and we will give you a quotation with all the details with absolutely no compromise.

    Explore the Taste

    Visit Our District
    Café & Bakery

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    Keeping under the budget

    • Wedding starting as low as
    • Couple session from
    • Family sessions from

    »These are not just pictures
    are your memories.«

    Any professional photographer will deliver to you an incredible set of pictures to keep the memories over time.

    We offer candid, documentary and fresh pictures. We think is the only way to give you real images that bring you back to the moment where was done.

    There is the same number of styles than photographers out there. We encourage that you see different portfolios and interact with different photographers. Choose a photographer that match with your style, not only about the pictures but about how to manage the session or wedding day.

    Do you want a big team of photographers that make your event a studio set to pose and get cool images or a photographer that capture all the things around without interrupting the things happening and capturing more real moments?

    Luckily, Hong Kong offers a wide range of photographers with different styles, personality and prices. Your perfect photographer is out there, and I hope that it's me! ;-)

    Fill the form to know what I can offer and how I work. No compromises.

    You can see my portfolio and the minimum investment in other sections o the webpage.

    We are located in Hong Kong but many of our customers are from over the world. We serve mainly here but we work on overseas weddings and pre-weddings every season. We love to travel if we can tell a great story!

    Let's talk!

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