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The Big Day. The magic of the wedding day.

I believe that one of the most important experiences in a couple's life is the day of their wedding. The surprise of the proposal, the illusion of all the preparations to get a special day for you, your family and friends. The great day that passes like a sigh and that is a roller coaster of sensations...

From the photographer's point of view, the wedding day is a special time to tell stories, to reflect emotions and to gusrdar small treasures in the form of images. As a documentary photographer, I focus my weddings as a kind of book that tells everything that happens on a single day. For me it is an oportunitye to tell the story of each of the couples I know and to form in some way a part of their day and their memories.

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How we make the pictures of you Wedding Day

Our approach to the wedding day has two goals:

The first and most important is the history of your day in an artistic but natural and without artifice. We do not usually give way to fashions of certain types of poses or complicated schemes of light that will surely look outdated in a few years. A wedding is a special enough moment and in which so many things pass that we are sure that the best way to tell it is simple and elegant.

The second has to do with the first. We like to go unnoticed and let the day pass as if we were not there. I will definitely be the person to spend more time with you, so it's hard to be like a Nija! Not that we are going to hide, but we do not like the kind of intrusive photography with several photographers and assistants swarming from side to side and even stopping the normal rhythm of the day. We greatly respect the photographers who work that way, but it does not go much with our photography style.

The packages we have and what is included.

We have always tried to have a simple and clear rate for our customers. We want the first factor to choose us is our way of taking photos, not our prices.
For the wedding day we have only two packages the half day and the full day. The two are identical. The only thing that sets them apart is the hours of your wedding.
By default, we cover the entire day, from dawn until your celebration ends. We do not count the hours, since we understand that you want to have photos throughout the day.
We really like the little details. How the bride and groom dress up, how family and friends interact, the special decorations and coas that you have prepared for the day ... That's why we offer a full day package without limitation.
Many times weddings are something smaller. Either because your family is not here or because you have decided to make a more intimate celebration. Some couples just want photos of the ceremony and celebration, so we also offer a half day package that covers the six hours of the day that you indicate us.
Of course if you need something more tailor made we can make a specific package for your needs. At destination weddings or at weddings that have more than one day we make special packages.
Send us a Whatsapp or write us through the form to give you details about our current prices.
All our packages include a handmade box containing a USB memory with all photos edited in high resolution and a print selection so you can give or show at home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many photographers are you going to come to at my wedding?

I usually work alone. For the style of photography that I look for, I do not need more equipment than the one I carry. That allows me to move quickly and go unnoticed. If the occasion requires it, I can count on an assistant or a second photographer, but it is not the common thing. Anyway, whenever I go to a wedding to work I take the duplicate equipment to work more efficiently and always have a backup camera.

What kind of cameras you use in your weddings?

I work with Canon 5D series long time ago. Is the perfect gear for Wedding and other social events. The Lenses are 80% Canon EF Serie L lenses that for a lot of photographers are the best lens in the market. Quite heavy equipement but finally worth it.

Do you offer Videographer, make up artist or other kind of extra services?

In the past, I tried to include in my wedding services things that the bride and groom needed along with photography, such as make-up, rental of dresses or video. I thought it was simpler for the bride and groom, but over time I discovered that the only thing that makes this all-in-one package is to force the bride and groom to hire services they do not need.
Nonetheless, I know good videographers in Hong Kong and great makeup artists, so if you need advice do not hesitate to ask me.

Do you make weddings overseas? I love your style but I am affraid the cost will be too much expensive if you need to come from Hong Kong to my location.

There is only one thing I like more than taking photos (or at least the same) and traveling. In the case of destination weddings or overseas, I try to adjust the price so that couples who want to have me as a photographer do not shy away from the budget. Normlemte travel expenses and accommodation must be covered by the couple, but on the other hand we send a much more adjusted personalized budget. Feel free to ask. You will surely be surprised at how flexible we are!

I want a prewedding session or engagement apart of the wedding day pictures. Do you have any special price for this?

Sure. In the past we ofered just a package with engamenet and wedding day. If we want to tell your full story is the best way. The engagement session is diferent and cool as you can see in the portfolio examples. Is a diferent kind of pictures to keep in your memories and for us in very useful. Our kind of photography is about feelings more than poses so know the couple before the wedding day is a plus. For shy couples is a great way to break the ice!!

In other hand, the preweddings are a great moment to make more artistic pictures without the press of the wedding day, so is a good combination.

If you want to have more than the pictures of the wedding day put in contact with us and we will arrange special rate for you.

I have some hunderd of million of questions didn't appear here. What I can do?

Write us, whatsapp us, call us... We are very frindly people wink so we are very happy to answer any question.

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