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Pre Wedding memories.

Prewedding are absolutely different than the photos on the wedding day. With more time and only with couple pictures we have more freedom to make an artistic session. The style is still natural and fresh but we leave behind the documentary part of the wedding day to search other kind of pictures.

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Open any of the sections below to know more about us and the way we work for Prewedding sessions.

The packages we have and what is included.

Prewedding in Hong Kong is usually an eight-hour day. It requires good planning because it often involves other factors, such as the makeup artist's job, renting dresses and suits and selecting the locations where to do it.
For many years, our studio has specialized in overseas pre-weddings, mainly in Spain as it is a spectacular place to make unique photographs and because we know each corner like the palm of our hand.

We make Preweddings in Spain and in any other corner of the world. We do not do tours like other studios, setting destinations on the calendar for several couples. We understand that a prewedding oveseas is a project that requires a lot of planning and above all make it totally personalized.

Whenever we have a Preboda in a distant place of the world and the couple that has been in agreement we offer, in our web the possibility that some other pair can realize its prewedding in those dates and thus to save costs in the displacements of the team.

Overseas preweddings usually have a duration of two or three days. That way, for example, we can organize photos in Madrid, Barcelona and Toledo in the case of Spain or Paris and Versailles in the case of France.

In prebodes in Spain we can organize the whole package for you. From hotels to clothing rentals since we have a strong infrastructure there.
For all other destinations, we will do our best to help you with the organization.

Get in touch with us to know all the alternatives we can offer you for such a unique experience.

How we make the pictures of you Prewedding

The prewedding is a long session of photography that takes place before the wedding day. It is a session much more leisurely, unhurried and with all the time in the world to visit different locations looking for the perfect photo.
The approach is more posed, although we look for that the photos are natural and spontaneous as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After read the prior secction I don't understand what is included or not.

You are right. The preweddings are something that we like to do in a way so personalized that it is difficult to make fixed packages.
However, at least in all preweddings we offer a minimum of 8 hours of session, (if you want something shorter, consult the engagement sessions) we deliver hundreds of edited and retouched photos in a beautiful handmade wooden package.
Many couples want a prewedding album to show in the wedding day, but we do not include it in the package, because we have not found any company in Hong Kong that meets our expectations. We have been working with a craftsman company for over 10 years who make amazing albums and although they do their work in Europe, they send us the orders without problem. Again is something very personalized, so we make it as separate service.
One of the advantages of hiring both the prewedding and the wedding day is that we give you a slideshow to project from the prewedding and a special price for the album if you want it.

I like a lot of the idea of Prewedding session but I like the engagement session. What I can chose?

In the case you want the formal preweddings pictures but you like the natural and casual style of the engagement session, this is not a problem. We can combine the prewedding with the engagement in the same day as a full prewedding package. We need only take in mind this and organize the schedule to have enought time for everything.

Does the package include make-up service and dress rental?

Normally we prefer that the couple have the freedom to choose their makeup artist and their perfect dress. For Preweddings in Hong Kong, we have a list of suppliers to help you if necessary.
For preweddings in Spain, if we can include all those services and more in the package we designed to facilitate all the logistics.

I have some hunderd of million of questions didn't appear here. What I can do?

Write us, whatsapp us, call us... We are very frindly people wink so we are very happy to answer any question.

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