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The real couple session.

The engagement session is a type of photo session totally different from the one of prewedding or the day of the wedding.
I have noticed that it is not very popular in Asia, but to me it seems a unique and very special session.
It is a session in which the couple is captured very casually. No wedding dresses, no spectacular makeup. The engagement session tells your love story without additives in a fun and natural way. I love taking pictures in the engagement session because it captures what the couple is and I think it's a great memory for the future.

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What makes a engagement session different?

The engagement session is a fun couples experience. It tries to show how the couple is in their day to day. We chose a special place for you. The place where you met, your special corner, the most romantic place in Hong Kong or the middle of the city.
All couples agree that it is a fun experience in which authentic and special photos are obtained.
For us it is a great time to connect with the couple and get to know them better. In the end, if we want to tell your story, it is important to meet outside the nerves of the wedding day in a more informal atmosphere.
For you, it is usually a good opportunity to be more confident in fromt of the camera and feel more comfortable on the day of your wedding.

The packages we have and what is included.

The engagement pack includes about three hours of session and about 50 photographs edited and delivered in our wooden box.
If you contract the photographs of the wedding day next to the engagement session we give you a slideshow to share with your friends and family or project during the celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many locations can we visit for the engagement session?

As the engagement session is around 3 hours long, we can't cover a lot of locations, but at the same time as is more casual is easier moveo from one to another point. Usually is easy make 3 or 4 locations. Of course we can extend a little bit the session if you want go to more places.

When is the best moment to make the engagement session?

There are prewedding that are done months in advance and even sometimes a year before the wedding day.
In the case of the pairing session or engagement is not necessary so much in advance. I usually recommend between two and four weeks before the wedding. It is enough time to have the photos ready for the wedding day and if you have hired the big day with us is the best time to go over the details to keep in mind.

I do not plan on getting married or I'm already married. Does it make sense to do an engagement session?

Absolutely!! The engagement session has that name because it is usually done for couples who are going to get married but it is not limited to just them!
In the last year we have performed engagement sessions for anniversary celebrations, for couples who are traveling and want a special memory, special friends ... In this type of photos there is room for many types of couples.

Do you make engagement overseas sessions?

Usually we will go far away only for an engagement session, but we can manage for you if you want. Usually in destination weddings or weddings overseas we make a engagement session the day before of the wedding that is an incredible experience for the couples. A nice way to stress out the day before of the wedding.

I have some hunderd of million of questions didn't appear here. What I can do?

Write us, whatsapp us, call us... We are very frindly people wink so we are very happy to answer any question.

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