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    What are you looking for and why decided to hire us?

    Since we had a destination wedding we were looking for someone that has the following:

    Resourcefulness: Able to suggests which location was best for photos and plan the day out for us in terms of where and what kind of poses should be captured. Importantly creativity as some moments are best captured off guard.

    Real people: A connection and trust, a photographer that has patience, sensitive and respectful.

    Great Portfolio: That has done worked on similar venue and under certain lighting conditions. 

    Cost: Someone willing to comprise and work within our budget.

    What is the most important / difference thing that you like to we made your pictures?
    Emilio perfectly and beautifully captured our excitement of getting married, the unspoken feelings of love and appreciation my husband and I had for each other. Thinking about spending the rest of our lives and taking care of each other was all captured in our photos.  Through Emilio's eyes, his goal is to capture in his camera are the stories his eyes could never tell you.

    If you want to recommend us, what did you say that you think is better than with other photographers?
    After seeing the photos Emilio took, there are no words that can describe how stunned and amazed my husband and I were on the quality of his work. The quality that sets him apart from other photographer's is the time and passion he puts into his work. Including the little touches of care he did for us by surprising us with a mini slide show presentation of our pre-wedding and wedding day for us to share with our friends and family was very thoughtful and shows how dedicated he is to each couple he has the privileges of working with.

    Any other free moment you want to make.
    Emilio Navas is an extremely talented photographer and after his work on our first wedding in Sintra, Portugal we have an ongoing relationship with him. So, hiring him (along with his amazing wife/second photographer Kelly) to do our wedding in Koh Samui, Thailand was of course the right choice. There's no compromising with the photos of your wedding day - they are FOREVER.
  • Lamphay2
    What are you looking for and why decided to hire us?
    We were looking for a photoshooting (engagement and pregnancy) based in Hong Kong. We found a few photographers in HK on the website of fearless photographers. Emilio was on it. We contacted a few of them to see the prices and Emilio got a great deal. Then I followed Emilio on Instagram to see his style. I really like his kind of pictures.

    What is the most important / difference thing that you like to we made your pictures?
    The most important thing that Emilio did for us is the way he took our pictures. When we first saw his porfolio, we liked his pictures but it was not our style. Then, we send a few example of the style of pictures we were looking for. And Emilio was able to reproduce exactly what we asked for! Not only he was able to photographe the style we want, he also added his personal touch. It was just beautiful. All our friends said that the pictures were simply lovely and super professional.
    If you want to recommend us, what did you say that you think is better than with other photographers?
    Emilio and his wife Kelly are very patient and they are not afraid to explore new horizons. At some point, we spent several minutes just to get the right shot (street shots). Emilio is very familiar with Hong Kong. He even took us on the rooftop on a shopping mall!

    Any other free moment you want to make.
    We were really satisfied with Emilio and Kelly's work. We were able to take all the pictures that we wanted. After the photoshooting, Emilio was really fast to get the pictures ready. Since then, we keep in touch on social media!
  • Lamphay2
    As photographs means a thousand words to many, it was important to us, that we would find one that could capture that special moment during our wedding.
    This was because, we can "re-live" that moment or even share with friends and families the photos taken.
    While searching and looking through many profiles of various photographers (to be honest we even went to the wedding exhibition to check out).
    In the end, we decided to engage Emilio.

    During our initial meet up, we touched on many topics as well as his style of photography with us. And we felt his style really suited us, as not everyone is camera ready, thus, this is almost perfect to capture natural shots of any situation that can happen. The style fits both of us, and taking family and friends into consideration, everyone can also be comfortable around the photographer instead of having to pose each time for the camera.

    We had our first "Dating" photoshoot with him to experience what would actually happen on the actual day, he told us to be very causal about it and we do not need to purposely pose for him  and when the photos came out, they were captured beautifully as he had managed to capture that exact moment. We definitely had fun throughout.
    We also knew that during our actual wedding day, his photos would turn out well too.

    Emilio is a fun and outgoing photographer and he is comfortable to be around with, as he knows what he is doing.
    Not having the pressure like other photography studios, where there is always a "fix" on everything and things cant be changed to meet the couple's needs.
    But having met and worked with Emilio, he would try to work things around and accommodate to the needs whenever possible.
    This means a lot to couples as during the actual day, there is much stress on them.

    I can't thank him enough on how much he had saved us the headache during the wedding. (Thank you so much Emilio!)